Reg Hoskins

Partner | Administrator

Having come from a background in science and technology, some of our clients were surprised that Reg Hoskins took to the real estate industry with such natural flair. However, when you discover that her former role was involved in providing Australians with well researched advice that kept them safe and secure, her current role probably isn’t such a stretch after all. Reg’s former career has certainly influenced her role as key administrator of the Hoskins’ office. Her strong analytical skills and organisational attention to detail have been influential in keeping the finances of the business on the right track over many years. As a long-term resident of Park Orchards who has raised her two children, Cam who works as a Paramedic and Cass a Genetic Counsellor to become strong contributors to society, she is a big believer in supporting the community that supports the business. She takes great pride in the strong reputation that the Hoskins’ name has within our area. As someone who values outstanding customer service and reliable professional advice herself, Reg Hoskins is pleased to be able to play her role in ensuring that her friends and neighbours have ready access to the kind of guidance and expertise that can make their property dealings both rewarding and stress-free.