Moon Keer

Sales Consultant (Team Peters)

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Moon Keer has an extensive career in the customer centric and dynamic facets of the business world. Having completed a Master’s Degree in International Business and Marketing, Moon has built quite an impressive network and track record within the Marketing industry.

Moon has studied and grown up in numerous countries. With a diverse background, she has accumulated a brilliant understanding of various cultures, which brings a significant asset to the Hoskins team, and more importantly her clientele.

Her wealth of knowledge enables her to effectively combine both aspects of Real Estate and Marketing to deliver unparalleled results. She is a strong believer of investing in transparent and long-lasting client relations, enabling her to offer an exemplary experience.

She possesses a unique skill-set, paired with the ambition and determination to exceed all expectations. With the team at Hoskins, Moon Keer will provide the ultimate property experience and maximise any outcome.