Guide To Selling

premium selling strategies

Choosing the right approach or strategy for selling your property is essential. No “one size fits all”, and the right combination of methods could maximize your final selling price.

Hoskins will always offer you the most effective combination of traditional and advanced methods to sell your home.



For Sale:

The traditional approach has worked for many years. You set an asking price and wait for offers or buyers.

If the price is too high, many potential buyers may be frightened away. Too low, and you could be throwing away money.


A true test of your properties value at a particular time. Buyers bidding against each other relies on multiple buyers being present. Badly timed, an auction could be a costly option adding unnecessary stress to everyone involved.



Set Sale® :

This unique approach has proven it can deliver maximum results and minimum stress. Buyers submit offers and compete for the property in advance of the sale. You can consider all offers and are free to negotiate without disclosing your reserve price.

Buyer Ranged® :

Unlike fixed price or price plus, a Buyer Enquiry Range® attracts a broader selection of potential buyers, promoting competition and higher prices. It is a more proactive method of attracting buyers who often pay much more than expected.