Kay Sanos

Senior Property Manager

Entering into her 7th year in Property Management, and with a strong background in customer service, Kay brings her passion and enthusiasm to the team at Hoskins. Her strengths are her communication skills and her genuine and warm approach to all those she comes in contact with.If asked what she loves most about her job, it would be her relationship building. Being part of a supportive and understanding team is extremely important and allows her to work to her optimum level. The occasional laugh is compulsory also as it adds balance to what can be a stressful and demanding job.Always looking for ways to develop her skills and her knowledge of the local area and real estate market, Kay is able to offer appropriate advice to her clients, keeping them informed on the latest market insight and assisting them in the management of their most valuable asset. This she feels enables her clients to feel they can trust and rely on her which she considers very important. Kay is equally as passionate about giving back to the community, and volunteers as a telephone counsellor to individuals undergoing life traumas. She feels the compassion and empathy required in this role adds more depth to her role as a Property Manager. Her greatest achievement to date is being a mother to 4 beautiful children.Challenging as it may be at times, it is undoubtedly rewarding and life changing. Putting motherhood aside, her “other” great feat was completing a half marathon 4 years ago. She says it was exhilarating, perfectly executed and described it feeling like she was “flying”.Away from work Kay still enjoys running. Reading, travelling and enjoying nature are other ways she finds she can totally relax and unwind.